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The Image block

How to Use

  1. Show Image and Link Text? Add the Image black to the page
  2. Click the Edit (pencil icon) tab on the empty image block to display options:

    • Image: the image selection to display, either by upload, or from the media library
    • Image Size: the size of the image to display based on theme’s settings:

      • Thumbnail / thumb-square: 150 x 150, cropped square
      • Medium: 300 x 300, max height and width
      • Large: 1024 x 1024, max height and width
      • small-square: 300 x 300, cropped square
      • medium-square: 500 x 500, cropped square
      • medium-flex-height: 800 max width, 4000 max height (for tall images)
      • medium-rect: 400 max width, 275 max height
      • full-bg: 1920 max width, 1080 max height

    • Link: optional link the image will click through
    • Show Image and Link Text?: option when a link is used, will display the Link text field below the image if checked


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