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BRIGHT-FM Weekly Email

When you subscribe to the weekly BRIGHT-FM email, you’ll receive a short devotional, the newest songs we’re adding to the playlist, opportunities to join in sharing God’s love with our community, plus articles to encourage your faith. Delivered every Wednesday.

Tracey’s 30 Second Devotion

Short and sweet, you’ll receive five days of devotions from Mornings with Tracey and Mike’s Tracey Tiernan. Perfect to help kick start a new devotional routine!

Bible Promises To Help Keep Your Head Above Water

Do you feel like you’re drowning under the weight of depression and anxiety? This 10-day email from Erin Branham will help lift you up. Erin shares Bible promises that encouraged her while suffering through depression.

8 Verses For When You’re In The Valley from the VERSED Podcast

Get encouragement and hope for the valley with this 8-day email devotional from John Lawhon, host of the VERSED podcast. It’s guaranteed that we will go through a valley, but as John says, “I’d rather go through the valley with God by my side than through the valley by myself.”

Molly’s Minute 10-Day Devotional

Sometimes, all you need is one minute of encouragement to change your day. When you sign up to receive the Molly’s Minute Limited Edition Devotional, you’ll receive one minute of encouragement every day, for 10 days. It’s something small that can lead to something big: bigger faith, bigger hope, bigger encouragement.

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