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Our History

In 1948, three young ministers Peter and John Bisset, and Paul Plack, created “The Peter, Paul and John Broadcast” to reach non-church goers during the week on WFBR, then one of Baltimore’s most popular radio stations. The Bissets were the youngest of five brothers whose family had emigrated from Scotland.

Paul Plack was a singer who had met the brothers during his evangelistic tours. Paul left the broadcast in 1952 and the program was renamed “The Peter and John Broadcast” and aired continuously with two of its founders participating until Peter’s sudden death of a heart attack in 1995.

In 1964, Peter & John Radio Fellowship acquired WRBS (95.1). WRBS upgraded its facilities in 1972, to 50kW and 24 hours daily as part of a move from East Cold Spring Lane in Baltimore to its present site at 3500 Commerce Drive.

In August 2009, WRBS-FM was re-branded as SHINE-FM to feature Contemporary Christian music.

SHINE-FM became BRIGHT-FM® on May 2, 2022, after acquiring the trademark rights to the name “BRIGHT-FM.” It continues to be the familiar station it was as SHINE-FM – same music, same message, same people – only brighter!

On February 11, 2023, BRIGHT-FM began broadcasting on 103.1FM in addition to 95.1FM.

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