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Featured News & Events Row

The Featured News & Events Row dynamically shows a collection of featured blog posts, events, manual callouts and/or ad blocks

How to Use

  1. Add the Featured News & Events Row block to the page (it is recommended not to display this block within any layout block and only directly on the page)
  2. Select an option for each of the 8 spaces which appear in the row; each space has the following options (duplicates of events and blog posts will not appear, the next most recent will display as multiple blocks are assigned the same selection):

    • Shine Daily: A SHINE Daily blog post
    • Event: The next upcoming featured event
    • Callout/Contest: Provides fields to enter specific content in this section including a tag, link, description, and background image
    • Ad: Provides a field to enter an AdRotate shortcode to feature an Ad Group in the space


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