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Call to Action Row

The Call to Action Row is a stylized row with a large heading, description, and prominent button to direct attention to specific actions or pages.

How to Use

  1. Add the Call to Action Row block to a page (found by search or under Common blocks)
  2. The Call to Action Row is only recommended to be used directly on a page and not within a specific layout block (if used on a page with a Child Nav layout, place it outside of the layout, commonly after the layout block)
  3. Fill out the block’s options:

    • Title: The main heading of the Call to Action Row
    • Subtitle: Optional subtitle of the Call to Action Row
    • Description: The description of the Call to Action Row
    • Link: Button styled link which displays to the right of the title and description


Call to Action Row Title


This is an example of a call to action row.

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