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Child Nav Layout

The Child Nav Layout block provides the default page layout for interior pages with a main, 75% width content column along side a sectional, child navigation block with space below to add additional side bar callouts. This block is applied to new pages by default, with the child navigation dynamically generated based on the page’s hierarchy.

This layout is recommended for all interior pages, but can be removed to utilize full-width layouts for landing page style layouts.

How to Use

The Child Nav Layout block is placed on new pages by default. Within this layout there’s a main content block on the left that takes up the majority of the space and is intended for the page’s main content.

To the right of the main content column, there is the child navigation included automatically. Underneath the child navigation is a sidebar block region for callouts, ad rotations, or any other desired blocks.

Additional blocks may be added, at full width, under the Child Nav Layout.

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