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You Probably Need A Haircut

April 15, 2020

Let me start out by saying that in the grand scheme of things in this COVID-19 world we are living in, giving the locks some love has been put on the back burner. There are more important things now that are taking center stage. Out of an abundance of caution and executive orders, we are socially distancing and trying to keep ourselves and our family safe. So, no haircuts. I’m right there with you.


Y’all need to do something up there! You know it, I know it and your stylist knows it. But you can’t/shouldn’t do that now. Or can you?

I stumbled on a great website where stylists (for a fee) will guide you through the process of you cutting someone’s hair in realtime giving you their tricks of the trade to get the job done.

Zooming and video chatting are amazing things aren’t they? On-line bible studies, working from home, working out with a gym instructor and now hair cuts? Whats next? How about video conferencing for self tattoos or dentistry?

For the record I don’t trust anyone at home enough to cut my hair even with a pro on screen. They all say the same about me. Let me know if you actually use this service. I’m going to keep holding out as I move closer into man bun territory.

Hang in there. We will get through this!


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