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Need A Tissue? Don’t Ask God.

pale blue tissue box sitting in front of a yellow background
July 11, 2022

God has no handkerchiefs. I know this because some days I just need a good cry and apparently this morning it’s on…

Do you ever feel like you’re holding so much in? Gratitude, longing, grief, joy, sadness, and even hope that your heart just can’t contain it? In these moments we are so blessed to be able to just come into God’s Presence and not have to say a word and know that He gets us and He can take it all.

He never offers a handkerchief because He wants to be the One to absorb all those tears and snot and lovely honesty that’s pouring out of us.

No Kleenex, no hankies, no drying, or stopping the flow of what needs to come out…

No explanations needed.
No judgement.
No ranking your tears in order of priority.

Just a safe place where we are known and loved and wrapped up in the Everlasting Arms of the Father.

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