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The Horrors of the Holocaust: A Legacy of Forgiveness with Alex Kor

November 2, 2021

At the age of 10, Eva Mozes Kor was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp along with her twin sister, Miriam. They somehow survived the horrific scientific experiments performed on them by Dr. Josef Mengele and were liberated from Auschwitz in January 1945. Upon return to their village in Romania, they discovered their whole family had died in the camp.   

With this kind of evil and trauma, you could understand if someone never recovered. You could even understand if their hearts became embittered and shattered beyond repair, but Eva stumbled upon something that gave her life meaning and purpose and brought her healing and peace: forgiveness.  

I have been an admirer of this amazing lady and got to hear her speak in Baltimore in 2018. Eva passed away, but her legacy lives on through her work and her son, Dr. Alex Kor.  

I am honored to share this important conversation with Alex about what it was like being the child of 2 Holocaust survivors, the enduring work of Eva Kor, and the cost of forgiveness. 


Learn More About Eva Mozes Kor here.

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