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Molly’s Minute: A Reminder To Seek Him

July 23, 2021

How many notifications do you think you get in a day?

Research says that it’s probably somewhere around 50.


That’s 50 times every day that something captures our attention. And most of the time? It’s for something pretty meaningless—a comment on Facebook or a like on Instagram.

But what if those constant, meaningless notifications could turn us toward something meaningful instead?

A friend challenged me to something recently, and I want to issue the same challenge to us today.

Every time a notification comes through, let’s use it as a reminder to turn to God.

1 Chronicles 22:19 says, “Now set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.”

If we could set our minds and hearts on God every time our phones went off, we’d be going to Him constantly.

So, starting now, let’s give it a try. Let’s use that next buzz or beep as a reminder to seek Him. And let’s see how much closer He feels.

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