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Lamar Jackson Says The Lord Keeps Him Humble

Lamar Jackson At A Press Conference
December 18, 2019
Caroline Burk

It’s no question that the Baltimore Ravens are the team to watch right now. There’s a buzz about the city due to its 10 game winning streak and the team’s quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the ones to thank. In the midst of breaking records and being a frontrunner for MVP, Lamar Jackson doesn’t credit his wild success to himself, but rather to God.

Baltimore Ravens recently tweeted a video in which a reporter asks the starting quarterback “Is there something or someone that keeps you humble in your life?”

Jackson had a refreshing and surprising response…

“The Lord. I give Him all the praise, the glory, the honor because you know, I could’ve been doing anything… It’s crazy.”

Jackson is honest about the role God has had in his life and football career – he also credits his family and teammates “I’ve got my family around me, my teammates, great coaching staff… Just gotta keep it going and let the Lord know He’s number one”

Check out the video below from the Baltimore Ravens to see Jackson’s full response…

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