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Doing This Changed The Way I Think About Easter

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April 5, 2022
Caroline Burk

Three years ago I was listening to BRIGHT-FM when I heard one of the DJs talking about their new Walk with Jesus ® text experience. I quickly texted “Easter” to 58228 because I figured, why not give it a try?

Fast forward a few weeks later, I was receiving texts throughout the day, reminding me of exactly what Jesus went through to get to the cross. Sometimes they were early-morning texts, other times they were sent late at night. However, no matter what time I received them, they always seemed to shift my perspective back to Christ. It really was like I was walking with Jesus through everything He endured in the days leading up to his death and resurrection.

That year, one moment stood out to me, and it still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. I remember I was doing homework in my room when my phone buzzed right at 12 p.m. I, of course, picked up my phone to check the notification because I desperately needed to escape my school work. The text read “Darkness falls over the entire land.” This quote is from Mark 15:33, right before Jesus takes His last breath and the whole land was in darkness until 3 p.m.

The crazy part was that, just before I picked up my phone to check the message, I noticed that within a brief moment, the sunny view outside my window had been replaced by dark clouds…

At first, I didn’t see any significance – clouds move in and out all the time, right? But as I read the text message about darkness falling over the whole land right before Jesus died, I began to connect the dots. I truly believe God orchestrated that scenario to make the events more real to me. It’s one of those moments that’s so hard to explain, but that was so powerful when it happened.

Walk with Jesus ® is full of moments like this. Moments that snap you out of your normal routine and open the door to spend a few moments remembering and praying over what Jesus did for all of us.

You can sign up right now by texting EASTER to 58228, but if you’re not fully convinced yet, read some of the reviews below from people who signed up and encountered God through this experience

“This was my first year and not only was it impactful for me, but it was for my whole family. Every time I got a message, I would read it to everyone. It would give me chills each time thinking about the events that were happening! While we were sitting at our Good Friday service at church, another text displayed and prompted a whole discussion with my five-year-old where he decided to ask Jesus into his heart and live for Him! You could just tell that all of that talking through those texts just helped it make sense to him! Thank you so much for providing this service! It is truly impacting lives! -Krista; Pasadena, MD

“Thank you so much! Receiving these texts real time helped me be so much more mindful in the chaos of the week.  I looked forward to each message you sent and rested in the word with each text. It also sparked impromptu devotions with my daughter and friends. What a blessing!!!” Jameie; Fort Gibson, OK

“It was amazing!  I drive lots and listen to you because I work in DC, MD and VA.  I am continually uplifted and inspired. My friend gave me the final nudge to sign up because I kept thinking about it and not doing it.  I have told so many about it and look forward to doing it again! God Bless your work. Thank you” -Patti; Beverly, NJ

Patti, Jameie, and Krista all experienced God’s power through Walk with Jesus ®, and they even got to share their experience with others. I personally know how these three people feel, and I pray you will too – text EASTER to 58228 to be apart of this incredible experience.

You’re Invited to Walk With Jesus®

A Daily Easter Text Experience

Real-time texts to walk you through Jesus’ final days

*If you wish to stop receiving text messages from Walk With Jesus, reply to any text message from 58228 and in the reply, text STOP. Message and data rates may apply.

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