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Jodi King of Love & The Outcome: “Life is Hard, God is Good”

November 23, 2022

Jodi and Chris of Love & The Outcome have been through the hardest season of their lives.

First, their record label was sold. Then, COVID shut the word down, and like other musicians, Jodi and her husband had no way to do shows and provide income for their family. Then their house flooded and was basically destroyed. They were displaced for over a year and a half. Then…their trailer was stolen containing all their music gear and some things they managed to save from the flood. All gone.

It was literally, one crisis after another, and there was no way they could fix it themselves.

But God.  

Join me for this amazing story and conversation with the irrepressible Jodi King, and hear how God showed up in the everyday miracles of people being good humans. Jodi says it’s seasons like this, that you really learn WHO God is.

There is so much wisdom to glean from this conversation you may want to take notes and have the Kleenex nearby. Listen below!


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