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Hospice Workers Give Elderly Couple Wedding Photos They Never Had

November 3, 2021

Royce King, 98, and his wife Frankie, 97, have never had any wedding photos to look back on.

Back in 1944, the couple planned a whirlwind wedding during Royce’s two-day leave from the military before he went overseas to fight in World War II. Frankie didn’t even have time to find a gown, much less hire a photographer.

But now, thanks to the kindness and creativity of their hospice workers, Royce and Frankie finally have the wedding photos they’ve always wished for.

Royce and Frankie still live at home, but they bring in hospice workers to help care for them every day.

When these workers heard the couple’s story, they decided to help them make a new memory and give them something they should have had in the first place.

They found Frankie a vintage wedding gown and some flowers for her bouquet. Then they recruited a music therapist to play 1940’s music as Frankie walked down the aisle to her husband of 77 years.

The couple’s daughter happened to be in town at the time, and was able to come and witness the ceremony. And one of the hospice workers, who has a photography business as well, captured every moment.

Absolutely beautiful. It looks like this couple is just as in love as they were in 1944. Maybe more.

Congratulations, Royce and Frankie!


Photos from Hilary Nichole Photography on Facebook.

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