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Gracism And Multicultural Bridge-building With David Heiliger

David Heiliger smiling at the camera as he sits in front of a gray backdrop
May 24, 2023

Does a white man have a voice in the conversation around racial reconciliation?  

How can I be a bridge-builder if I don’t live near people who look different from me?  

What is God calling ME to do to help bring unity and healing to our world? 

20 years ago, Dr. David Anderson introduced the world to the concept of “Gracism- the Art of Inclusion.” Because how we talk about race has changed since 2007, the revised and expanded “Gracism” has just been released. A mentee of Dr. Anderson, my friend David Heiliger has been learning and joining in this important work around the world.  

Join me and my special guest David Heiliger, Pastor of Multi-Cultural Bridge Building at Bridgeway Community Church for honest conversation about the racial divide in our world and Jesus’s heart to heal it. We all have a part to play.  


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