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Clap, Snap, High Five: How A Weekly Tradition of Two Friends Changed Their Lives

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February 1, 2021

When you want to say “hi” to a friend, what’s your go-to? Most people’s instinct is to send a quick text, or maybe make a phone call. Well, Andy and Gabe have a different way of checking in on one another and it makes the rest of us seem, well, rather lazy…

CBS’ “On The Road with Steve Hartman recently featured Andy Gullahorn and Gabe Scott, two Christian musicians living in Nashville who have a rare weekly tradition. The two met at a concert they were both playing, and to stay connected, they began walking to one another once a week for a high five.

Since 2014, the two have walked the little over a mile between their homes to do a quick snap-clap-high five, and then simply return home. Andy even has a journal where he records every single encounter the two have had throughout the years. Talk about being intentional!

However, when Gabe got encephalitis, he wasn’t able to remember the weekly tradition, or his entire life. That didn’t stop Andy from holding up his end of the deal; he went to visit his friend, who basically didn’t even recognize him at first, and asked for a high five. To both of their surprises, Gabe did the snap-clap-high five instinctually, like he had done hundreds of times before.

Thankfully, Gabe was released from the hospital, had many of his memories return, and is now able to continue his tradition with Andy. But it’s clear that making these memories mean more than they ever did before as Gabe describes that “it’s really special to have a memory of something that’s this consistent in my life and that means this much.”

Despite its funny origin, the high five has taken on a new meaning for the two Nashville artists and is a routine that neither plan to give up on any time soon.

Watch CBS’ full story on Andy and Gabe below:

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