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Andrew Ripp’s Story is Just Getting Started

Andrew Ripp staring into the camera wearing a navy blue jacket and blue baseball cap that says BEARS
March 22, 2023

Andrew Ripp is not an overnight sensation…He’s been at this songwriting thing for years now, achieving success in 2005 by co-writing the hit “Shine On” for Ryan Cabrera. He has also collaborated with and written for Cory Asbury, The Wait, Ben Rector, The Judds, and others. However, success came at a cost. A personal battle with addiction cost Andrew almost everything that mattered to him.

But God…  

Andrew gave his life to Jesus, and his story is just getting started. Celebrating 15 years of sobriety, Andrew has found a new kind of freedom, success, and sweetness to life in this season. His songs like “Fill My Cup” and “Jericho” have become anthems for those of us who have fallen in love with Jesus and are amazed by how He changes everything.  

I am so excited for you to meet Andrew Ripp! He’s a guest on my podcast and he has an amazing story of God’s intervention in his life. Listen below!


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