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5 Things I Am Most Thankful For

Stream surrounded by trees in the fall
November 15, 2017

Just like with any activity you want to become a habit, daily discipline cultivates results. When you thank God daily for the good things in your life you do not deserve, you develop a spirit of gratitude. Over time, you will have a built-up thanksgiving muscle. This means, when heartbreak comes your way, and it will, you will be able to handle it.


Your perspective has changed. Your focus is now on the good things God has blessed you with and not what you have lost. That’s not to say it will not hurt or your circumstances will change, but how you respond to those circumstances will. The key is that, after heartbreak happens, are you going to continue to give thanks or not?

Let’s hold one another accountable and thank God daily for those good things in our lives we are not entitled to. I’ll start. 

1. Parents that are still married. 

It’s rare these days and is something I will never take for granted. I have been blessed with two of the best role models in my mom and dad. Being able to watch how they love God and one another for 28 years has given me a solid foundation for my marriage with Alex.  

2. Voices 

More specifically, voices that can sing. Even more specifically, voices that are united together without instruments. Of course, I am talking about acapella. Voctave is one of my favorite acapella groups. This makes my heart happy. 

3. Redwood trees  

Earlier this year, as I was worn down emotionally and spiritually, God gave me a vision of a redwood tree. I thought it was super random until I researched redwood trees. Here’s a quick overview of what I learned: Redwood trees live a long time, like 2,000+ years. Why? To weather storms they face, their roots grow deeper and interlock with other trees around them. God was teaching me longevity in my life. To grow deeper with him and to grow together and build community with others. BOOM! Redwood trees are awesome. 

 4. Fatherhood  

It is the best job in the world. I can honestly say I am thankful for the gift of being in a house full of women. It has changed my life for good in the most positive of ways. I’ve become more emotional, yes, but that is because I understand more deeply the love of God the Father.  

5. Jesus 

I could not experience the joy of the previous four without number five. My words fall short in expressing my gratitude. I only hope I can live to show it daily.

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