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3 Things Dave Paul Loves about Winter

moutain with snow on it and the sun setting in the background
February 5, 2018

I am the President of the July Fan Club. It’s a self appointed position. And, as far as I know, the club only has one member. Me.

I love summer! The temperatures are warm, the Orioles season is in full swing, the schedule is relaxed, and the beach is calling my name. I even like the bugs of summer.

If you assume that I struggle with winter, you would be correct. I’m not a fan. But, God didn’t place me in a location that has summer year round…at least not yet. He placed me in Maryland, which has four distinct seasons including a full-blown winter. It’s my job to embrace all of His blessings…including winter. And, I mean that sincerely.

So… here are three things I love about winter. 

  1. The sunsets. We have a beautiful view of the sunset out of our kitchen. That happens year round, but in the winter it is even more stunning because of the trees. In the summer the leaves actually block our view of the sun as its setting. But, in the winter, with the leaves off the trees, the sunsets cast the winter trees in silhouette. It’s my favorite part of the day and I look forward to it every winter. And, it’s even more breathtaking when there is snow on the ground.
  2. More sleep. My alarm goes off at 2:20am in the morning. My bedtime is 8:00pm. That’s really hard in the summer when the sun is still high in the sky as I crawl into bed. I can hear people enjoying the summer evening because through the open bedroom window. I struggle with going to bed on-time and often don’t. I don’t want to miss the fun of summer. But, in the winter, by 8:00pm, it’s already been dark for several hours. The windows are closed and there are no lightning bugs creating magic in the backyard. In the winter, 8:00pm feels like a normal bedtime, and I sleep more. Sometimes, I’ll even go to bed earlier than normal. Too bad I can’t stockpile the extra sleep I get in the winter for those short summer evenings.
  3. Quiet reflection. The summer is for action. Winter is built for quiet reflection. I believe God may have built this into His creation. It’s important to slow down and look at life. The long, dark days of winter are more conducive for this. I like that.

If you give me the choice between summer and winter, I’ll choose summer every single time. But, that’s not the choice I’m faced with once the temperatures drop and the threat of snow and ice seems to be always present. Instead, the choice facing me every winter is whether or not I can be content with the blessings of this season – a season God made and calls good.

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