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The Path To True Happiness

dark tunnel leading to a cement path surrounded by lush green trees with bits of orange leaves sprinkled throughout
May 23, 2022

The most natural thing in life is to have a troubled heart. It doesn’t take long to look around us and see that everyone everywhere is experiencing hurt and heartache.

How do you deal with that? There are a lot of pathways that culture serves up to us as options.

Everyone’s faith journey is in a different place; it’s winding and complex. But God is God and His path always remains, even when we’ve wandered off of it for a time.

There are more paths than ever before in today’s world—more options for spiritual “enlightenment” or curate-your-own-beliefs types of faith. But no path leads to true happiness and everlasting life except the “Jesus alone” path. It may be narrower than you’d like, and not as comfortable or easy; it won’t make you popular and accepted by the masses, but it’s more satisfying than you could ever imagine. 

In today’s verses, we are reminded of that beautiful fact. Listen below.

John 14:1-7


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