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Stronger Together: Jesus’ Heart for Unity with Maria Garriott

November 23, 2021

What does a middle-aged white woman have to contribute to the discussion on racism in America? Some of us count ourselves out to contribute anything because we feel disqualified and embarrassed that we will mess it up.

Meet my brilliant friend Maria Garriott. She’s an author, church-planter, and educator. She’s been in urban ministry in Baltimore for 38 years and she’s learned a lot about the beauty of diversity and the healing power of the Gospel to bring unity across the divides of culture, race, politics and class.

With much grace, humility, academic excellence and wisdom, Maria shares her stories of building relationships, changing mindsets, and understanding our history. She’s convinced all of us have a part to play in creating the unity God cares so much about, and she believes the Gospel really is the answer.

Press play below (don’t forget to follow/subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so these conversations are automatically delivered each Wednesday!) and join me for a rich conversation that will encourage you to be a part of God’s plan to heal our world!

Learn more about Maria on her website.


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