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For the Whole Family: The Art of a Great Story

August 18, 2021

Tracey Tiernan’s latest Your Day Brighter® Podcast features J. Chris Wall – a dad of six kids, a film producer, and long-time content creator of VeggieTales. He talks about his passion for creating faith-infused content and how a great story can bring families together.

The following is an excerpt from the Your Day Brighter® Podcast:

Well, it probably starts that I am a dad of six kids. So, I have a long journey in just finding things in stories that we can get excited about as a family that aren’t just empty calories that actually mean something. As a parent that’s kind of hard. You kind of filter through a lot of stuff that is fine. Certainly, there is stuff that is outright harmful that you’re protecting against.

It’s been an interesting journey for me as a guy in my mid 40’s. So many of my colleges are getting into really serious material, and I just love kids and family stuff. It’s always been a joke through college and others, that while other friends got into more adult content, you would find me enjoying Looney Tunes and VeggieTales. 

I had a friend early on in my career say, “Hey Chris, I think your path that God has called you to, is one that you really need to work to protect your innocence, and just embrace the fact that God is going to use your heart to entertain with families.”

At the time I had no idea what I would be heading into. At some key moments along the way it was a very clear, “Oh, yeah!” This is the thing I get to go be a part of and celebrate and be into. I kind of feel like I’m overworking this field while others are doing great work in other parts of entertainment. God has never released me from it. It is probably the place I am going to work my whole life. 

If you’re longing for more beautiful things in the world of entertainment to share with your kids, you don’t want to miss this meaningful conversation with a man who’s committed to doing just that. Listen to the full podcast below or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

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