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Even When You Don’t See It, He’s Working.

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April 20, 2020

He really is the Way Maker…Miracle Worker…

Why does that song resonate so much with us? Because it’s true. Whew…. and don’t I know it! The way He works in our lives is as unique as our fingerprints.

Have you noticed that? God doesn’t dispense a one-size-fits-all kind of grace. He accurately assesses the unique need of His children and meets us with precision and nuance customized as only He can for us. I have been in situations in my life where it looked like there was no way out. No solution, no help and no hope. I’m going way back here, but there are too many times to count when I should have not made it through.

Messes of my own doing- and He brought rescue, grace, deliverance. Over and over.. I shudder thinking about some of these dangerous places I’ve been because I put myself there. And then I would awaken as if from a stupor, and realize…My God, what have I done? Who am I right now? How did I get here?

Forgive me… And listen, my friends, I would fully expect that He would smite me, just blow me off the earth and I’d brace myself for the oncoming wrath that I deserved. And… it never came.

Instead, He made a stream of living water in the midst of the desert of my soul. He put his robe on me. He made me breakfast. He sent my enemies away. He called me “Daughter.” He called me “Friend.” He lit up my darkness and showed me the way. He took me right through the furnace and I came out on the other side, without even the aroma of a campfire on me. He worked behind the scenes, diffused the tangled mess I made and covered me. Oh how He covered me! He never treated me as my sins deserve. Never.
Jesus is the Way Maker and He is WAY more wonderful than we believe. Even when we can’t see it, He IS working. People ask me, why do you have faith in a God you can’t see? I say… but I do see Him. My whole life has His fingerprints all over it.

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