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“Christ Died For You” An Easter Message From Priscilla Shirer

Priscilla Shirer standing in a black dress with a red and purple and white flower necklace on she is standing in from of a wooden pulpit in a church
April 2, 2021

Below is an excerpt from Priscilla Shirer’s message titled “Christ Died For You”

I want you to think about all that He went through in that last week of His life for you. It was a week where everything changed in the history of the world and in the trajectory of all of our lives. 

It started with Palm Sunday. He rode into Jerusalem for you. He knew that when He got there the same people that were cheering for Him would be the same people—just days later—demanding that He be put to death. But He did it for you.

He came into Jerusalem and there were people that were so excited because this guy who was the Messiah they finally expected. They didn’t know whether or not He could redeem them from their sins. They didn’t know about all that stuff. But what they did think was that He was coming to restore political glory back to them. They had been so ravaged by the Romans that they were expecting this was the guy that was gonna restore Israel to her former glory. 

So they laid down their palm branches and they shouted, “Hosanna! King of the Jews!” They were so excited because, I mean, they’d been conquered by everybody at that point—by the Assyrians, and by the Babylonians, and the Persians, and the Greeks, and the Romans. They were zero for five and their season was not improving at all. 

So they were excited that somebody had finally come. They were so excited that Jesus was going to give them political victory. They didn’t realize that that’s not why Jesus came. He didn’t come to Jerusalem to kick out the Romans. He came to kick out sin. He came to make sure that none of us had to pay our own wages for our sin. Aren’t you glad about it?

Watch Priscilla’s entire Easter message below, courtesy of Lifeway Christian Resources:

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