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Can You Forgive Yourself?

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March 13, 2023

What burdens are you carrying because you can’t forgive yourself? If Jesus has forgiven you, do you also have to forgive yourself? Do you feel stuck there? Trapped in a cage of shame? I’ve been to therapy, I’ve been to counseling, and I was the host of a Christian radio show for 11 years. I’m attempting through this podcast to grow in Bible knowledge. When it comes to self-help, I’ve probably heard it all. So when I saw this article from The Gospel Coalition titled, “Say No to the Gospel of Self-Forgiveness,” my antenna went straight up. Self-forgiveness is like this core doctrine in our therapeutic culture.  

Writing in Psychology Today, psychotherapist Beverly Engel says, “I believe that self-forgiveness is the most powerful step you can take to rid yourself of debilitating shame.”

But here’s the vital question for Christians: Can you point to one example in Scripture of someone forgiving themselves?

Well, I did the work for you and the answer is “no.” And guess what? That’s incredibly liberating! You CAN’T offer yourself forgiveness. It doesn’t work. You cannot release yourself of guilt.

So what DOES Scripture say? We look at one example today in Psalm 51.

If you would like to dive deeper into this, or other verses in the Bible, if you have a verse you would like to submit to have included in a future episode if have questions about the Bible that you would like answered in a bonus episode, or simply want to connect with me… text VERSED to 88474 or go here.

Also included in that link is a list of resources and references I use in this podcast and can help you grow deeper in your faith as well. 

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Love you all – keep making hope louder!


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