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You Apollo LTD

“You” Lyrics

Have you ever felt you just couldn’t be yourself
Like it’d be easier if you were someone else
Is there a voice inside your mind
That reminds you all the time
The ways you’re broken
Has it left you hopeless?
It can be a hard hard thing just being alive
It can be a dark dark thing when you’re trying to hide
Every story, every scar
You are loved the way you are
There’s nothing you need to prove
Cause heaven knows your name
There’s a reason you were made
Fearfully and wonderfully you
Has anybody told ya that you’d never be enough
Has anybody told ya that you’d never measure up
Are you just trying to escape
Trying to run from all the pain Of being human
Can you make it through it?
Don’t give up
Don’t give up
He’s not giving up on you
He’s not giving up on you

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