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You’re Invited to Week 1 of Workout Wednesday with Body & Soul® Fitness

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January 25, 2022
Body & Soul® Fitness

This post is presented by Body & Soul® Fitness, courtesy of The Reynold’s Team.

“You can walk in freedom, you can dance on the solid rock, you can rest in the victory that Jesus already won. Come on down, say hello to the brand new you.”

These are powerful lyrics from the Rhett Walker Band’s song “Say Hello,” which also happens to be the tune of today’s Workout Wednesday video!

Just like the song sings of a “brand new you,” we want to be a part of the “brand new you” in your physical and spiritual fitness journey! No matter where you are in those areas, we invite you to join us in today’s Workout Wednesday, which is part of Body & Soul® Fitness’ Cardio Strength™ program.

In this workout, one of the exercises is a repeating V-step where we raise our hands in the same way that we can raise our hands to praise the Lord daily. Thanking and praising God is a conscious and intentional choice we make each day of our lives. At Body & Soul® Fitness, we believe glorifying God in every decision is a vital part of the Christian life. One way to do this is by loving others as Jesus loves us.

John 3:16 speaks directly to this type of love as God sent his only Son to die on the cross to save us from our sin. The Greeks had several types of “love” in their dictionary, but the type of love referred to here is “agape.” Agape love is the highest form of love; it is sacrificial and unconditional. Millard J. Erickson describes agape as a “steadfast, unselfish concern for the welfare of the other person.”

Unselfishly loving others can begin with a simple “hello.” This small, but meaningful step calls us to pause from our daily to-do lists and activities to say “hello,” just like today’s workout song invites us to do. This simple act validates a person’s worth by letting them know that they are seen, ultimately opening the door for further displays of love. Perhaps after you “Say Hello,” you invite them to share a cup of coffee where you get to know them better. Or you learn they need a ride to the grocery store, and you are able to bless them with food for the week.

What if that single decision to “Say Hello” could change someone’s life? Would you do it? As part of Workout Wednesday, let’s set a goal to pause the busyness of our lives to “Say Hello” and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us as we walk in freedom, dance on the solid rock, and rest in the victory that Jesus has already won!

You don’t have to stop there, we would love to hear your “hello story” and you can email it to us at We want to praise the Lord together as He does incredible things through these “Say Hello” moments!

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We hope to see you in person, virtually, or through our On Demand portal to “Say Hello” once again!

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