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When Problems Seem To Follow You, Remember This

small car with a flat tired on the driver's side parked by a curb
May 9, 2022

I did it again. I ran over a nail.

It happened on the way home from work yesterday; by the time I reached my house, the tire pressure light was on, and you could hear the air escaping.

It seems like I do this twice a year. It frustrates me because I’m not driving in construction zones or nail warehouses…places you’d think you might run over nails, but I just keep finding them!

Do you ever feel like that? Like you’re going to the right places and doing the right things, yet the nails still continue to find you. Stuff that you didn’t ask for just keeps happening, and you’re like, “Hey! I’m one of the good guys!” No matter what you do, it seems like eventually, those warning gages, pressure lights, and even the hissing sound of the leak are all your soundtrack once again.

Listen, we all COULD just stay inside where it’s safe and watch the world hurting. We could insulate ourselves from trouble and not do anything to help make things better. Then, maybe, we wouldn’t pick up those nails. However, if you’re engaged in the good fight and if you’re a part of the movement of people loving other peoplenails will find you.

They found Jesus too. And it didn’t stop Him from reaching us. Perhaps the nails were the way He reached us…

What if your nails were the way instead of getting in the way?

Things I’ll be pondering as I spend the afternoon at the car dealer…

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