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Try Not To Laugh Looking At This P.E. Teacher’s Goofy School Photos

October 30, 2020

Ah, picture day. I used to dread it every year. The pressure to take a good picture was always so overwhelming.

But now, I’m wishing I had approached picture day with the same spirit as Ryan Olson.

Ryan, a P.E. teacher from Saint Cloud, Minnesota, took his first bad school photo in 2014.

And every year since, his photos have gotten progressively worse.

Or… Better?

We say better.

Ryan uses his photos to show off different sports that kids learn in his class, like croquet and badminton.

And we love how he goes all in for his character. He’s been a patriotic bowler…

a roller hockey enthusiast…

and in the spirit of 2020, Joe Exotic.

And Ryan’s not afraid to show off his portraits. He uses the photos for his school I.D. and on the door of his office, too.

We can’t wait to see the ridiculousness to come in future school years.

Thanks for the laughs, Ryan!


All photos from Lyndsey Olson on Facebook.

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