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TobyMac Shares The Meaning Behind “Promised Land”

Toby Mac wearing a tan jacket and a black trucker hat sitting in front of set of wooden doors
February 7, 2022

“Where is my breakthrough?” “Where is my family’s blessing?” “Where is my promised land?”

If you have ever wondered these questions yourself, you’re not alone and TobyMac’s new song, “Promised Land,” is for you.

Throughout the book of Exodus, the Israelites asked this same question: “where is our promised land?” for a long time. 40 years to be exact. They went through a lot and saw so many miracles from God, but still found themselves wondering, even doubting, about their promised land. Chances are, they would probably relate to these lyrics by TobyMac:

Always tryin’ to do what’s right
Straight and narrow’s gettin’ tight
Don’t know how much longer I can stand
And I’m wonderin’
Yeah, I’m wonderin’
Where’s my promised land?

Inspired by his grandfather who was a coal miner in West Virginia and his dad who grew up in a mining camp, TobyMac explains that they lived “a hard life,” a life where he imagines “they must have really wondered, ‘where’s my promised land?'”

We all, at some point in our lives, have probably related to these difficult questions, these longings for a better life. As the song progresses, these hard questions get answered, and it transforms into a resolve to trust God as our one true promised land. As TobyMac puts it himself…

“Maybe the promised land we’re looking for really isn’t a place at all, but a person named Jesus.”

So, are you praying and believing for something? Don’t give up hope, and in the meantime, remind yourself that the greatest promise and gift that you could ever receive has already arrived and He will never let you down.

Dive deeper into the lyrics of “Promised Land” and watch the video here.

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