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To The Parent Of A College-Bound Child

August 18, 2021

Moms and Dads, 

Did you drop your baby off at college? 

Me, too. 

My daughter Lindsay is on her way to school in Michigan. She’s a strong, smart, and capable young woman. She’s packed more shoes than I knew she had. A can of Old Bay Seasoning (or “magic dust” as my family calls it) was packed to appropriately season Michigan food. 

But we are feeling it. Our family isn’t the same. Our togetherness is now separate. Are you feeling it, too? 

We’ve loved our daughter and trained her to go out and explore and grow and be a light. 

But, wow, we are feeling the ache. The emptiness of what was the family we had intact under our roof has changed dramatically. A piece of us – your child,  my child – is traveling away and beginning a new journey, but God is with them.

Your child and my child will be okay.

We, the parents, will be okay.

God will give us new direction and focus. Our families are changing and growing, and while they won’t be the same, they will be good if we let Him take over. 

God’s got us and our babies, too. 

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