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Seeds of Prayer

hands holding small brown seeds
August 1, 2020

So, I’ve been reading this book that has been really helping me be more intentional about my prayer life, you know? No matter how long you’ve been pursuing a relationship with God, don’t we all just want to understand prayer better and get better at it? Get better at connecting with God and hearing from God? I really, really do!

So, I’m reading this book by Mark Batterson called Circle Maker, and then there’s a devotional as well called Draw the Circle – it’s really been helping me.

One of the points that he made was about prayer being like seeds that are planted that go underground, and you can’t see them for awhile! Right? And then before you know it, life starts to spring up, fruit comes from those prayers. 

But we’re impatient! We like microwave prayers. We want to put the prayer out there and get the answer right away, and we know God doesn’t always work that way. Certainly He can. However, more often than not, we’re praying, and praying, and praying, and that seed is in the ground. But it’s not just sitting there dormant. God is moving and working, and accomplishing His purposes.  

So I just want to encourage you today, if you’ve been planting some seeds of prayer and you’re feeling a little discouraged because you haven’t seen the answers as fast as you would like; His timing is gonna be perfect and those seeds under the ground aren’t just sitting there. You keep on praying, keep on trusting, and wait for His answer. It will be right on time.

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