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Longing For A Miracle? Be Encouraged By Russell And Anita

view looking out a window to a Jesus Saves neon sign on a city building
March 21, 2023

God has a mysterious way of getting our attention sometimes. For Russell, God’s voice came through a walkman that he was gifted while he was in prison.

Six years ago, Russell sat on the edge of the bunk inside his cell and listened to BRIGHT-FM on that walkman. He described how Jesus rescued him and he “became new” with the help of the songs and encouragement he heard on the radio. Now, Russell gets to share the redemptive, victorious story God wrote for him, and how Christ relentlessly pursued him. Listen to Russell share a bit of his testimony below:

We serve an incredible God who meets us right where we are, no matter where that is or what medium He has to use to get there. He moves and works in mysterious ways, and nothing can stop Him from reaching us. God’s mysterious ways are so evident in Russell’s story, and they’re also incredibly apparent in Anita’s…

A few years ago, Anita was on the brink of ending her life, but God had other plans. Anita received a letter from one of the BRIGHT-FM DJs which God used to speak to her and give her the strength to go on.

Now, Anita, by the grace of God, is alive and well to share her story of how Jesus met her exactly when and where she needed Him to most. You can hear Anita share this story below:

Though their testimonies are so different, Russell’s and Anita’s lives both demonstrate how God is working and moving behind the scenes to save us, provide for us, and redeem us. While it may not be in the way we expect Him to come through, He always shows up right on time.

Where has God met you?

Are you longing for Him to intervene in your story? Cry out to Him and expectantly wait for His answer. While you wait, remind yourself of Russell and Anita and how our Savior miraculously turned their situations around. He is already at work to do the same thing for you.

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