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Laughing In The Face of The Enemy

mans hands holding a black Bible with the words Holy Bible written in gold on the front
January 13, 2021

I was praying this morning and reflecting on how from every angle I’m being attacked spiritually. Personally, professionally, with family and marriage, “Christians” in this country, my mental health…I wish I was over-exaggerating to make a point. I also realize that there are a lot of people that have it worse than me and I’m very privileged.

But here’s what I really wanted to share because it even surprised me…

This pressure has never been higher in my life. This mental and spiritual battle every day as never been more exhausting and yet as I reflected on everything that has been happening, I burst out in laughter!

Why was that my reaction? I’m still trying to make sense of it. Is it nervous laughter? Have I been pushed to such a limit that that’s the only response I have left? Or is it that even though these times are the worst they’ve ever been, I know without a doubt that God is in control? That he is here to carry my burdens and is thrilled when I ask him to? I’m laughing in the face of the enemy because I know he won’t win. He. Will. Not. Win. I know how this story ends.

God, I hate the hard stuff. I hate this. But thank you for allowing me to have an eternal perspective on all this. I can’t imagine how life would be without this hope. This is what it means to have joy in your trials. I have it. Bring it on because I’m giving it to God and he will be glorified through the pain.

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