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CAIN On The Emotional Story Behind Their Song, “The Commission”

March 21, 2022

“If you hear this song and feel like Jesus is talking to you, it’s because He is.”

This is what Madison Cain Johnson of the band CAIN said as she described their new song, “The Commission.”

Written from the point of view of Jesus, the song paints a picture of our Savior’s humanity and the bitter-sweet feelings He must have felt as He said goodbye to His followers on Earth before returning to Heaven.

Go tell the world about Me
I was dead, but now I live
I’ve gotta go now
For a little while
But goodbye is not the end

The lyrics of this song may sound slightly familiar because they are similar to the words that Jesus spoke in the Scripture as He delivered the Great Commission in Matthew 28. The band goes as far to say that they didn’t really write the song because it’s lyrics were already written in the Bible.

“The power in this song is that although we did write it, we really didn’t write it. It’s Scripture.”

Madison explains that the only way they felt comfortable writing from the perspective of Christ was to “take words that He said and try to put them in an everyday language.”

The take away from this powerful anthem? This world is not the end. We have a Savior who knows what we’re feeling because He lived it and He wants to help us through it.

“Jesus Christ, who has felt everything that you’re feeling, He is real. He is alive. He is with you.”

If you’re walking through a hard time or feeling the weight of this world, let these lyrics and words from Jesus Christ wash over you today:

My Spirit is with you
Wherever you go
You have a purpose
And I have a plan

As you listen to this song, we pray that you will really feel the presence of Christ, the power of His words, and the eternal hope He offers.

Watch below for the full story behind “The Commission” by CAIN and listen to the song here.

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