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Bart Millard From MercyMe Gives Tracey The Scoop On New Song, “On Our Way”

September 21, 2021

Derailed plans. Every one of us has dealt with them over the past year and a half, including BRIGHT-FM artist MercyMe.

The band had plans to release their newest album over a year ago, under a different name, and with an accompanying nation-wide tour.

But then—well, you know what happened.

The band didn’t get to release their album or go on tour as planned. But some pretty amazing things did happen instead. Like “On Our Way.”

“On Our Way” is a single off MercyMe’s new album, inhale (exhale). Had the album been released on time, “On Our Way” may not have appeared on it. But God had different plans, and “On Our Way” ended up being one of Bart Millard’s personal favorite songs on inhale (exhale).

Watch our very own Tracey Tiernan talk with Bart Millard all about the song and the very special collaborator on it with him:

A Father-son duet, created during a pandemic? Just goes to show, God’s plan is always better than ours.

We hope this song encourages you to trust the way He’s taking you.

Love this song and want to hear more like it? Join our BRIGHT-FM Music Team and tell us which songs you want to hear on our station!

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