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An Internship That Helped Me Grow In My Faith

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June 29, 2020
Griffin Wauldhauser

It’s been over a year since BRIGHT-FM gave me a 12-week internship, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Being surrounded by like-minded believers, all working together to further God’s kingdom is something I’ll carry with me for a long time. The biggest difference was the encompassing joy that each of my coworkers had.

It felt like one big family at BRIGHT-FM. This was my first time working in a Christian environment, and it was really life-changing. I felt encouraged and loved on in every direction, but also had areas where I could encourage and love on others, according to the skills or talents God gave me. Simple conversations felt meaningful, and every coworker felt like a brother or sister.

I experienced significant spiritual growth while at BRIGHT-FM. It was hard not to—I believe we naturally become more like those we are around (I learned that in my Communication Theory class, it’s called accommodation theory). When I’m at the construction job I work at part-time, I begin to pick up on the make-fun-of-everyone-you-see mentality of my coworkers and find myself complaining about the little things too. At BRIGHT-FM, it was a completely different environment—everyone was loving and thoughtful and, in a way, meditative.

In just the 12 weeks I was there, I’ve now found myself having grown in those areas. The music I’ve listened to has changed, I spend more time listening to sermons on my own now… I just feel like a new person, full of cheer. The slogan for a vegetable juice I’ve heard before is “put good in, get good out.” I know that’s not a Bible quote, but I found it to be true in my spiritual development at BRIGHT-FM.

I loved going into work every day. I felt very passionate about the work I did there. God used me exactly as I am, for His glory, and grew me spiritually when I was there. From start to finish, my time at BRIGHT-FM was a valuable experience. I wouldn’t trade away a minute I spent there.

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