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A Reminder About Forgiveness

Father and son holding hands in a field of grass
June 24, 2019

I had a conversation with my Dad this week that reminded me of my Heavenly Father’s approach to forgiveness.

When I was 16, I sneaked out of the house and made up the bed to look like I was asleep. Pretty slick huh? The problem was, Dad knew better. He was waiting for me when I tried to sneak back in. Major grounding!!! Dad laughed when I reminded him of this story – he remembered it well. It was the kind of laugh that said, “You are forgiven…and I won’t forget!” By the way, I’m no longer grounded.

God does forgiveness differently. In the Bible, we read about the depth of God’s forgiveness for our sins. He forgets them. He washes us thoroughly from them. He removes them as far from us as the east is from the west. He still knows what happened, but it is not a thought to Him. When we come to the Father and ask for forgiveness, it’s over. It’s a new book and our name is written in it. Here is what I want you to know today: what you have done and where you have been is not who you are. God doesn’t hand out labels like we do. God sees you in simply one way…as His child and you are loved.

Whatever it is, ask for forgiveness, do it through Jesus, and then move on to newness. God loves a new beginning. He has one waiting for you today.

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