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5 Things Jack Larkin is Thankful For

orange leaf laying on the road
November 20, 2018

So, here we are in November. This is the month for gratitude. Or, at least that is what Thanksgiving Day was intended for, right? If you were to ask me list off the things that I am grateful for, I would put at the top of the list:





Those are a given, no doubt.

But, if I take time to dig a little deeper, another thing I am most thankful for would be the messiness of life. You see, it’s in the messiness of this life that I find Jesus. Meeting me in my stupidity, loving me through my fears, and urging me to come closer. 

Life’s big moments like death, illness, weather catastrophes, taxes, I can deal with. I can meet those times in life with grace and do all of the so-called “Christian” things that we are supposed to do.

It’s the moments of the everyday that I struggle. I’m talking about traffic on the Beltway, clothes that weren’t taken out of the washing machine, Christmas lights that won’t work, and putting together IKEA furniture! The moments where I am quick to anger; these are the moments when I know God is saying to me, “Jack, this is an opportunity. How can you respond to this situation with love. What kind of Jesus guy are you anyway?”

True confession. I don’t usually make the right choice when God gives me these opportunities. It is a lesson that I must learn over and over again. But, He is patient, and He is kind, and He is love. He loves me even though I’m covered in dirt.

It reminds me of one of my favorite little quotes: “Every flower must grow through the dirt.” How true! God is growing me and He is growing you for something amazing. This Thanksgiving, be grateful for the “mess.” There is purpose in it!

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