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Same Station, New Name!

Dear SHINE-FM Friend:

As a loyal listener of SHINE-FM, I want you to know about an upcoming name change to our ministry. Change can be a little confusing, so I wanted this opportunity to explain what we are doing and why.

Since 1964, when the ministry acquired WRBS-FM, we have proclaimed Jesus. From 1964 to 2009, we were known to listeners by our Federal Communications Commission designation “WRBS.” In 2009, we became 95.1 SHINE-FM, an easy-to-remember name with values that joined with our mission to shine the light of Jesus.

When SHINE-FM began, only two other radio stations with our Christian format in the U.S. were named “SHINE.” One of them, in Illinois, owned the trademark rights to the name “SHINE.” These good people agreed to let us use the name. We enjoy a good relationship with this ministry; however, many more stations began using the name without express permission.

In our digital media age, radio stations are no longer just local. You can hear them all over the world through the internet. Unfortunately, the number of “SHINE” stations began to cause some confusion for Illinois listeners, prompting the radio ministry to require all stations to stop using the name. I understand this completely. Thankfully, due to our long relationship, they allowed us to continue using the “SHINE” name until we were ready to make the change.

How do we replace the name SHINE-FM that so many have come to love? We decided the best thing was to change our name to something that captures who we are and is familiar to our HD2 radio listeners. We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the trademark rights to the name BRIGHT-FM and will begin using it on or about May 2, 2022. This means our HD channel, BRIGHT-FM HD2, will be renamed in the future.

Change can be challenging, but we believe this change is for the best. We love the name BRIGHT-FM and think you’ll come to love it, too! But, the most important thing to know is that we are the same radio station, people, and ministry that began 58 years ago.

Thank you for listening and supporting us. Together, we will continue to reach more people, help you and others grow deeper in faith, and encourage all of us to serve others in Jesus’ name. We will shine on and be a bright light to the world for you and because of you.

With many thanks and blessings,

Steve Lawhon
General Manager

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