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Having Trouble Hearing Us? We Have A Solution!

The weather is getting warmer, and that means sun, flip-flops, days “downey oshun, hon,” snowballs, baseball, and …. humidity.

You see, on those really humid days, you might have trouble hearing the 95.1FM radio signal for BRIGHT-FM, especially if you live in the northeast counties.

This is caused by (get ready for science) inversion.

Inversion is the refraction of radio waves due to the change in density in the atmosphere between colder air and warmer air. On certain warmer days, this impacts the radio signals, causing massive static and, in some areas, an inability to get BRIGHT-FM on 95.1FM on your radio.

Don’t worry – we have a solution!

You can still listen to BRIGHT-FM on 103.1FM in affected areas. From Annapolis up to Bel Air and on the Eastern Shore, 103.1FM is the place to listen to BRIGHT-FM this summer!

Plus, don’t forget you can stream BRIGHT-FM everywhere on your Alexa device, the BRIGHT-FM app, or online.


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