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Page Settings

Page Attributes

Parent Page

Use this drop down to chose the parent page of the page you are creating/editing. This is important to maintain hierarchy and organization of the pages and also determines the child page navigation.


The value to determine the default order pages appear in relation to their siblings.

Page Settings

Exclude From Child Navigation?

Turn this option on if you do not want this page showing in it’s parent’s or sibling’s child navigation menus.

Example: After submitting a form, there is a “Thank You” page. You would not want the “Thank You” page showing in the child menu but would still want the page to be a child of the page the form is on.


Banner Text Override

By default, the page banner will display the page title. Use this text to override the page title text with custom text.

Banner Image

The background image which displays in the banner area behind the page title.

This image should be at least 1920 x 1080.

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