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Business Partner

The Business Partners content type is used for creating Business Impact Partners

Use Locations

  • Business Impact Partner list page
  • Business Impact Partner detail pages

Creating & Editing Posts

  1. Click on “Business Partners” in the left sidebar of the admin page.
  2. To edit an existing item, click on “All Business Partners” to see and select the item you wish to modify.
  3. To add a new item, click on “Add Business Partner
  4. Enter the Company Name
  5. Enter the detail page description of the Business Partner (only text is recommended)
  6. Enter information into the fields in the right sidebar Document tab:

    • Logo: The company’s logo, used on the listing and detail pages, should be at least a 225 x 225 square
    • Website: the URL or web address of the company’s website
    • Phone Number: the company’s phone number
    • Address: the company’s business address

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