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Content Types

A content type is a collection of uniquely structured information which displays on dynamically generated layouts and components throughout the site.

Content types are how your website stores different kinds of information. This information is managed in one place but can be used in multiple places on your website.

Each entry of a content type has its own set of fields to store that specific data. The data is stored and can then be pulled throughout the site. Typically, each entry will have a Detail Page which is dedicated to displaying all of the information around that specific entry. Each Content Type will also have an Archive Page which lists all of the entries in a searchable and filterable manner.

Content Types can be tagged with “Taxonomies”. A taxonomy is essentially a category that the content type is tagged with. For example if there was a “Food” content type, a taxonomy would be a category such as “Fruit” which you could tag an “Apple” entry with. Taxonomies allow for filtering and organization of content type data.

Content Types

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