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Your Top 5 Favorite Molly’s Minutes From 2021

December 14, 2021

BRIGHT-FM’s very own Molly Chambers from Jack & Molly is a pro at delivering encouraging, Christ-centered nuggets of wisdom.

Her signature Molly’s Minutes have helped encourage us and point us to Jesus throughout 2021, so we’re rounding out this year the best way we know how: by bringing back the top five Molly’s Minutes of 2021! Catch up on what you’ve missed or reread them below:

1. Clay In The Potter’s Hands

black and white photo of someone's hands molding a clay bowl
Clay In The Potter’s Hands

You and I are works in progress—clay on a wheel. Sometimes we get misshapen. But our potter never stops working on us.

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2. You Will Find Him

silhouette of a woman holding hands up to the sky in front of a pink and purple sunset
You Will Find Him

When I would play hide-and-seek with my parents, they never made themselves hard to find because they wanted me to be able to find them. And God does the same thing for us.

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3. Trading Up

picture taken from below of pink rollercoaster tracks
Trading Up

Have you ever struck a deal with someone where you felt like the one who traded up? Today, you and I have the chance to trade up with God.

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4. Made To Rest

person sitting in a hammock overlooking a still lake while surrounded by leafy trees
Made To Rest

We’re designed as humans to need rest. But not just physical rest. We need spiritual rest, too.

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5. Your Burden Is Not A Burden To God

person wearing black pants and a black shirt sitting with their arms on their knees and their palms facing up towards the sky in a praying motion
Your Burden Is Not A Burden To God

It’s hard to share our burdens with other people, isn’t it? But God loves you and wants you to bring Him everything that’s weighing you down.

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