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You’re Invited: At-Home Kickboxing with Body & Soul® Fitness

February 22, 2022
Body & Soul® Fitness

This post is presented by Body & Soul® Fitness, courtesy of The Reynold’s Team.

Although speed is important for this Cardio Strength™ kickboxing routine to “In The House” by Crowder, it isn’t always beneficial in our daily lives. All too often, we speed through life, bobbing and weaving between the opportunities God has laid in front of us. In today’s world, if something isn’t fast or immediate, we often don’t want it.

We get annoyed if our lunch requires more than 30 seconds in the microwave, or if our Amazon package doesn’t arrive within the two-day delivery window. Because of this “microwave” culture, many of us rush our lives, jumping from task to task, and flying past joyful opportunities to share the Gospel.

The Gospel is this – “That God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) This is not only the good news, it is the best news ever! We are born sinners and deserve condemnation, but instead we are given the undeserved gift of Jesus. He atoned for our sin and we are forgiven.

When we live in this joyous Truth, it transforms every aspect of our lives – including how we treat others. By taking the time to slow down and notice those around us, we are able to discern the many doors that God opens for us to share His Gospel. These doors will look different, and we must slow down so we don’t miss a divine opportunity to share God’s salvation message with others.

In week one of Workout Wednesday, we focused on pausing to “Say Hello,” and this week we encourage you to intentionally slow down and find those evangelical opportunities God will set in front of you. We prepare for these sacred appointments through prayer, working out to praise music with Body & Soul® Fitness, participating in corporate worship at your local church, and reading scripture. The more we engage in these faith-building activities, the more in-tune we will be with the Holy Spirit, and the more likely we are to recognize sharing opportunities

These times of preparation bring us into God’s presence, and this is where we find our identity.

The song used in this kickboxing routine by Crowder is titled “In the House.” You will hear these lyrics as you exercise:

Somebody who loves you, is waiting at the door
It’s home sweet home here in the house of the Lord
Bring your heartache, bring your burden
You can lay them down at the door
There is no fear, you belong here
Step into the house of the Lord

In the presence of the Lord, we find where we belong. We also have the privilege of sharing the Gospel with others and inviting them to join us here. This is where we can slow down, trusting God with anything and everything that concerns us. This is where YOU belong!

It’s been our privilege at Body & Soul® Fitness to partner with you for the last few weeks as you’ve invested in your spiritual and physical fitness. Visit our website to find an in-person class near you, or discover a virtual class. We look forward to working out with you!

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