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You Are Seen This Mother’s Day

pink flower bouquet in a bucket
May 6, 2022
Todd Gaddy

As we celebrate the women in our lives this Mother’s Day weekend, I want to say…

To moms with kids, young and older… Happy Mother’s Day. 
You do more than anyone can begin to realize and your influence literally has no earthly equal. Simply put, there’s no one like you.

To single moms… Happy Mother’s Day. 
You carry a load significant and heavy. When the hours seem too few and the frustrations seem too many, may you find unexpected strength to carry on and grace to shoulder the burden.

To moms-to-be… Happy Mother’s Day. 
This time next year you’ll have a role in life that trumps them all. Congratulations. Whenever the baby arrives, may he/she bring you great joy and happiness.

To moms who have lost children… Happy Mother’s Day. 
Being a mother, however short or long, is something that change and sorrow can’t cancel. This weekend, may your good memories outnumber those not so good, may your loved ones be close, and may God bring you peace.

To those who desperately want to be a mom… Happy Mother’s Day. 
My prayer is that one day soon your desire becomes a reality. The silent struggle, the ongoing “why?” and the creeping doubt, I can imagine, is so tough. In the days ahead, may your strength be renewed and your hope rekindled.

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms.

We can’t brag about you enough.

You are loved.

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