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You Are Never Too Old or Too White To Be Woke

Tracey Tiernan sitting in front of a window wearing a blue shirt and looking into the camera with her left hand on her heart
June 1, 2020

What to say
What to do
My human heart is breaking with and for you
Like just waking up with eyes that see, the morning after lasik surgery
We see what you’ve been telling us
We spit out what they’ve been selling us
All this time, the system helping us, was not helping you
Not serving you
Not protecting you
I didn’t want to believe it was true.
It’s too absurd, too evil, too ridiculous
To see beauty so conspicuous like the colors of our skin
to be used as a platform for sin, and not celebration
God, I hate what we’ve done to each other.
I hate how I’ve minimized the cries of my brother
I hate our collective silence
and the violence it unleashed in the hearts of the hurting and the weary, taking them to the streets
For George, for Ahmaud, for Michael, for Breonna, for countless others
From Trayvon to Sandra.
Speak their names
The truth brings hope
This is our moment to heal what is broke
This is our tipping point and the fire must be stoked
I’m a white boomer, but I felt that choke
And you are never too old, or too white to be woke.

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