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WWII Veteran From Maryland Went Skydiving at 102-years-old

Millie Bailey jumping free falling through the air above green landscapes in Maryland while strapped to a skydiving instructor who has his thumb up
October 23, 2020

Few people can say they’ve jumped out of a plane, even fewer can say they did so at 102-years-old.

This past weekend, Vivian “Millie” Bailey, a 102-year-old World War II vet, headed to SkyDive Baltimore and took the leap.

Millie’s adventure was caught on camera as a part of a program titled Honor Flight Heroes that was filming an episode about her life. The topic of skydiving came up after production asked Millie if there was anything she hadn’t had the chance to do yet in her 102 years.

The show helped make Millie’s bucket list item a reality on Sunday when Millie jumped out of a plane. This WWII vet was not alone on her adventure, she was accompanied by SkyDive Baltimore instructor Cornelius and a slew of loved ones and Howard County residents and officials who were cheering her on.

Millie made it safely back to solid ground and told bystanders it was “a real thrill,” but she also added that one time was enough and she didn’t need to do it again.

Check out the full video of Millie’s skydiving experience below

Photos from SkyDive Baltimore

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