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Have Fun & Get Moving Today With Body & Soul® Fitness

February 8, 2022
Body & Soul® Fitness

This post is presented by Body & Soul® Fitness, courtesy of The Reynold’s Team.

As you participate in today’s workout, you might notice some breaks dedicated to rest.

The breaks in this workout are necessary because as we dance along to “Highway to Heaven” by B-SHOC in this FIT360™ musical finisher workout, our base move will be a plank. This means that each time B-SHOC says “highway to heaven,” we move from a low plank (holding ourselves parallel to the floor with our forearms) to a high plank (holding ourselves parallel to the floor with our hands) or vice versa. Planks are very challenging, so the periods of rest we build in are crucial.

When the lyrics stop and we hear only instrumental music, we rest. Not only do our muscles get to rest, but so does our respiratory system. In other words, we can catch our breath! If we don’t allow rest and recovery during a workout, our highly intelligent bodies begin to compensate and recruit different muscles to do the work when the ones we are targeting get tired.

Just as it’s important to rest in this workout, it is also important to rest from the busyness of life. Jesus demonstrated this rest as seen in Matthew 8 and Mark 4, both of which describe Jesus sleeping during a storm. It was during this storm that the disciples were anxious and afraid, concerned as to why Jesus would sleep rather than calm the waves.

As we read this story, we need to understand the deeper definitions of “sleep” and “rest” so we can apply them to our own lives. The Matthew Henry Bible commentary explains Jesus’ “sleep” on the boat as one “not of security…but of holy serenity, and dependence upon his Father.” Similarly, we also have spiritual rest, which Dalton Smith defines as “the capacity to experience God in all things and recline in the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.” This type of rest is essential to remain connected to God while being on fire for His works.

It can become all too easy to ignore rest, focusing on your daily to-do list, but this week we invite you to carve out intentional time for spiritual rest.

Not a time to scroll on social media, write out a grocery list, or schedule tomorrow’s appointments, but rather as intentional time with the Lord. For some, it may mean sitting down and journaling, worshiping in the car to Christian music, or spending time in prayer while folding the kid’s laundry. Regardless of what this time specifically looks like for you, we encourage you to start intentional conversations with God. It is during this time that our fire for Jesus is stoked and strengthened.

As mentioned during the devotional portion of this video, each year Body & Soul® Fitness instructors, students, and guests gather together for our annual Recharge Convention. This is a time of spiritual encouragement and training, as well as instructor education, fellowship, and, of course, working out to upbeat Christian music! We would love to see you at Recharge. Stay tuned to our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) for updates and convention details!

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